Clientele Funeral Insurance

In the last 20 years Clientèle have proven to be a true favourite for South Africans with a range of affordable insurance products.

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1Life promises more than just insurance. We offer affordable, simple and convenient products that meet the needs of all South Africans.

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Choose 1Life Funeral Cover for funeral insurance that pays out within just 24 hours. You choose how much cover you want and a monthly premium you can afford. You can also insure up to 5 children and 11 extended family members on the same policy at an additional monthly premium for each member.

Get the cover your family needs today with no medicals and no paperwork required!

Premium waiver

If the main member dies, cover will remain in place for other members on the policy for an additional 24 months. No further premiums will have to be paid during this time.

Continuation option

In the event of the death of the principal member, the first spouse of the principal member is entitled to exercise a continuation option whereby the policy continues to provide cover for the additional members.

Waiting periods

  • You are covered immediately for accidental death.
  • For natural death, the waiting period for a policy whose sum assured is R50 000 or less is 6 months. The waiting period for a policy whose sum assured is from R50 001 up to R100 000 is 12 months.
  • Suicide is covered after 24 months.

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